Extreme team

Ivan Titov is the best detective in the city. He’s always worked alone until one day he had to take in two partners at once. They are Vlad, a Police General’s son, and Lera, a fresh university graduate. Vlad has a degree in law and dreams about moving to London. His father, however, wants him to get some experience as a detective. Lera is eager to prove to everyone that police work is her real calling and that her honors degree was not just a piece of paper. Ivan doesn’t want anything to do with these two, but ends up having to pull them out of jams they constantly get into. He doesn’t know that the young duo is here to save him from loneliness and their creative energy will help him propose to the love of his life. The unlucky police family might have eventually fitted together if not for the evil colleague Komarov. He wants to be friends with the General’s son and use that connection to get ahead in his career. When it comes to real police work though, Komarov is only a paper-pusher and not the super-detective he imagines himself to be. That’s how the main character gets a third partner that he has to keep an eye out for and to occasionally get him out of troubles.

Production year:
crime, drama
Season 1 : 20 × 48’
Konstantin Solovyov, Mikhail Vladimirov, Andrey Bagirov, Kristina Babchenko, Natasha Shvets, Leonid Gromov, Oleg Kamenschikov, Sergey Gubanov, Valery Barinov
Mikhail Kabanov
soon on air
KIT Film Studio