About us

For more than 27 years now NTV has been broadcasting in Russia and worldwide. The channel consistently takes thewell-deserved spot in top-3 nationwide broadcasters.

We have the most extensive content library in the country, consisting of 25,500 hours, 8,500 of them beingaction-packed series. We produce series and programs ourselves and have around 50 series in production at all times. Some of our own highly competitive scripted and non-scripted formats are successfully adapted internationally.

Our content range from news and socio-political talk shows, to series and films; from entertainment and educational programs to documentary and socially meaningful projects. With confidence, we can say that NTV’s content will accommodate any audiences’ choice, regardless of nationality, gender, and age.

Pioneering new television ideas, genres, and formats, we stand strong as a major player in the dynamically evolving Russian TV content market.

Global expansion is one of our top priorities, and for the last few years, we’ve made great progress, establishing ourselves as the internationally acknowledged market player. We hold a strong stand in CIS, Baltic countries, and East Asia providing national linear channels with dozens of NTV series and programs every year.

For the last few years, we rapidly expanded to many new and unique territories like China, India, Vietnam and Greece. LATAM is a new and promising region for NTV’s distribution. We’re proud to work with top world content distributors and media conglomerates like Dori Media, Global Agency, Keshet International, Encripta, Olympusat, Ampersand, and Armoza Formats.

Thanks to the industry-leading VOD platforms like Netflix, Amazon Prime, TenTime, BiliBili, and others our content is now available in 190 countries.

NTV is always open to new opportunities and deals with companies all over the world demanding innovative,action-packed hit series and programs.