Old Foxes

Character-driven crimedy story. The main characters of the series are the modern musketeers past their prime: crime kingpin from the 90s Garin, honest investigator Shavyrin, former police colonel Tarasov, and a famous writer Nezabudkin delusional about his detective skills. The story starts in a private medical center with Shavyrin diagnosed with a lethal disease. On weighing up all the pros and cons, he decides to end his life only to be interrupted by a doorbell. It’s his daughter Nastya who came from Moscow to Petersburg to start her career as an investigator. There, she makes an acquaintance with Nikita, a young officer from the Criminal investigations department. She doesn’t know, though, that her new friend is the son of the legendary colonel Tarasov, who’s doing his time in jail. Once he’s finally outside, Tarasov plans on killing Garin, who he deems guilty of his imprisonment. Nastya and Nikita learn about Tarasov’s plans and try to stop him while investigating other cases. Garin, Tarasov, Shavyrin, and Nezabudkin aren’t that young anymore. They know their time is running out. But whatever trouble they stumble upon, they always keep their chins up and keep their sense of humor.

Production year:
crime, comedy, drama
Season 1 : 20 x 48’
Alexey Nilov, Alexandr Polovtsev, Sergey Selin, Andrey Fedortsov, Mikhail Tarabukin, Lyubov Virolaynen
Maksim Brius
soon on air
3X Media