Sunshine Investigations

Beach, crime, and love story all mixed together in this brand new action series. Motorcycle stunts, beautiful picture, and great performance by top Russian TV stars give the project a great potential for becoming a true primetime hit. The audiences will love being diverted from a strictly action genre into comedy or melodrama. See for yourself!

Sergei loves riding his motorcycle and catching criminals. He’s a chief investigator in the most famous Russian beach town, Sochi, but his reckless and stubborn nature prevents him from rising in the ranks. He inserts himself into every investigation and gets things done, even though he doesn’t always act by the book. One day he saves a drunk woman from drowning her sorrows and doing stupid things only to see her the next day in his office when she comes to conduct an audit. She is an investigator from Moscow headquarters. The tension is palpable and sets the ground for a conflict or a heated romance. Which one will it be?

Production year:
adventure, crime, romance
Season 1 : 12х48’
Date of the first broadcast:
KIT Film Studio