Gold Rush

For those naive souls who think that socialism was a great political system, this original series is an amazing case study on why it wasn’t. Potent and intricate mix of social and personal dramas makes it tense, relatable, and truly powerful. Filmed in an old Siberian town with real gold mines, magnificent nature, and plenty of period character, the series is bound to get a gold star with any audience.

Set in the 70s, series revolves around a very strong character, former WWII veteran who’s now in charge of a gold mine and is trying to make it a perfect case of social justice and prosperity for his employees. He invests all his own money and profits into buying new equipment and paying top salaries, while the corrupted Communist Party and KGB officials are plotting against him, because Lagin isn’t sharing his good fortune with them. The troubles are mounting, his sons disappear from his life - the older one dies protecting the mine from a criminal attack, the youngest leaves the country and denounces his father. In the end Lagin is left completely alone, disillusioned and sad. And of course, gold and greed are the top drivers of all crimes committed in the series, perfectly capturing the dark tension or the period and personal dramas.

Production year:
drama, history
Season 1 : 16×48’
soon on air
PC Bravo