White Night

A criminal drama that with rare honesty tells a story of how the Soviet totalitarian system pushed brave and honest people into becoming criminals and liars. A decorated military intelligence officer Sergei Tumanov is arrested as a traitor on NKVD’s whim. He runs away and disappears only to show up as a gang leader in post-war Leningrad.
Tumanov is exceptionally prepared and knows how to avoid traps. He steals and kills and police are helpless. Not knowing what else to do, they bring the last member of Tumanov’s unit, Vyazemsky, from a prison camp and offer him a pardon in exchange for his assistance in catching the ex-commander. So will Vyazemsky really help the system that crashed him or will the army loyalty prevail? How many brave and honest soldiers Soviet totalitarian system crashed and broke and why did people tolerate it?

Production year:
crime, history, drama
Season 1 : 4 х 46'
Date of the first broadcast:
3X Media