Break’n Good

Code-bound thief Boris Bogomolov, nicknamed Bogomol, became burdened by his criminal activity by the end of his life. On the next examination, his personal doctor gave him a fatal diagnosis, and Bogomol decided to leave the capital. Friends made him a new passport in the name of Boris Bogolyubov and a false diploma of a philologist. So the former crime lord turned into a simple teacher in a small country town. But it is not easy to completely erase one’s criminal past…
The hero discovers that a youth gang is operating in his school. They sell drugs to schoolchildren and terrorize the whole town. Boris decides to stand against the ruthless gang…

Production year:
2010, 2012, 2016
drama, crime
Season 1 : 16 х 48'; Season 2 : 32 х 45'; Season 3 : 16 х 48'
Mostelefilm TV Company