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Drive Master

«Drive Master» is a prime-time talent show in which participants of all ages and from all over the country will compete against each other in amazing stunts on a variety of vehicles. For the first time, driving becomes a colorful extravaganza and a real talent show! The competition takes place inside a giant shiny studio, serving as the center stage for the hosts and the live audience. Every glamorous and dangerous challenge will be breathtaking, and the studio design will reflect the theme and scope of the different challenges. Guided by celebrity mentors, amateur contestants will compete to be named the «Drive Master».The tournament-based season includes auditions and weekly challenges that become more and more difficult with each stage. Trained by professional stunt masters, the participants, whose personal stories will be entwined in the show and add the drama, will try to wow the judges with a variety of stunts. It could be drifting a car with an active electric saw to cut a wooden pole, or parking between two vehicles while driving at 80 mph, or using a giant tractor shuffle to perform the bottle cap challenge, or knocking down giant-sized bowling pins. They will be judged based on their performances, and eliminated until only one remains standing, or, rather, driving. This lucky person will be crowned the «Drive Master»!

Russian ver. production: NTV Channel, National Motorsport Program «SMP Racing», «Auto-Plus» Channel. Co-developed by NTV and Keshet International, based on an idea by Zipi Rozenblum and Keshet International.

Production year:
talent show
Timur Weinstein, Zipi Rozenblum
Date of the first broadcast:
International rights:
Keshet International
NTV, Keshet International