’DNA’ is a daily talk-show about family dramas and tragedies of ordinary people.
To unravel a family puzzle a DNA test is run. The test is crucial to find a real father of a child and recover an unpaid child support, confirm blood relations and unite lost relatives or find true heirs of the deceased. Criminal cases are also investigated. The talk show’s mission is to help a family to work out their problems with the help of genetic analysis.
Every episode of the show is dedicated to a new story of one family. One or many DNA tests are run to resolve the conflict.
The stories of the people on both sides of a conflict are accompanied by the stories from places the dramatic events took place, questioning of the witnesses and officials’ commentary. Celebrities and other people who experienced the same dramas as the show’s main guests are invited to the studio.
DNA tests are run by experienced geneticists from the most reliable laboratories. They choose the specific methods of the analysis suitable for the situation and share details about the tests they run. After the test results are announced at the studio viewers find out how the family situation turns out.

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