The Miracle of Holy Fire

The Miracle of Holy Fire occurs every year at the Church of the Holy Sepulchre in Jerusalem on Great Saturday, the day preceding Orthodox Easter. Tens of thousands of believers gather in and near the church to light their candles and lanterns from the Holy Fire believed to be be sent by God Himself. For 15 years straight, NTV Channel handled the live broadcast of the ceremony.
The Holy Fire is said to emanate inside the small chapel build at the very place of Jesus Christ’s burial. The Patriarch of Jerusalem is the only one to witness the emanation. He lights up the candles with Holy Fire and leaves the chapel to distribute the Fire to pilgrims and clergy. In just a few moments, the dark church becomes brightly illuminated, and the faithful «wash» their hands and faces in the fire, as it is believed that Holy Fire does not burn in the first minutes after emanation.
The Holy Fire is the symbol of God’s blessing. Pilgrims carry the fire to more than 15 countries, including Russia.
Renowned priests and theologists comment the event while the channel’s special correspondent reports live from the church. The live broadcast is complemented with pre-recorded stories on Orthodox Christianity, Holy Fire and its history.
The Miracle of Holy Fire live broadcast always draws big audience. The 11-year average share of the program is as high as 17,1%.

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