Global Backstage. Cults

Thousands and thousands of cults and religious movements exist in the world. By the 21st century, they have transformed into big businesses fighting for power, money, and absolute control over people’s minds and possessions. They employ top psychologists to recruit new adherents. No one is really safe from being lured into the cults’ webs. Authors attempt to figure out how one can protect himself and his loved ones from this dangerous plague.
Vladimir Glusker goes on a journey to discover the truth about cults and their dark secrets. He starts with the biggest Krishna community in Santa Monica, California, then goes to the Scientology film studio in Los Angeles and next to Italy where the government created a special anti-cult police force. The main question that Vladimir is trying to answer is: what are the criteria making a cult really destructive?

Production year:
Vadim Glusker
Date of the first broadcast:
Eurostar Studio