NTV is the largest private broadcasting company in Russia, working nationwide. It was founded in 1993. The company owns six brands: NTV – one of the largest public channels in Russia; “NTV-Series”, “NTV-Style” and “NTV-Law” – thematic subscription channels; “NTV-World” and “NTV-America” – international versions of main NTV channel.

NTV channel broadcasts in all regions of Russia, covering 98.6% of the nation’s population. The channel is traditionally one of the top three broadcasters in the country. It presents a wide range of content: news, social and political talk-shows, series and films, entertainment and educational programs, documentaries and social projects. Target audience of NTV – 18+ viewers.

The channel’s news service works in round-the-clock informational mode. Newscasts are aired almost every hour, sometimes broadcasting simultaneously from different studios covering different time-zones. Every working day news service provides up to 5 hours of original content. Counting all broadcast orbits, 25 live newscasts are aired every day.

The NTV channel is a pioneer of new television ideas, formats and genre development in Russia. Social and political talk-shows of NTV became a trademark for a whole generation of viewers. In early 2000, NTV started to develop life-style television, and the channel’s trilling detective stories have no peers on other channels of the country.

NTV is the first Russian channel developing socially significant projects on and off air.

Professionalism of NTV creative team is widely recognized in Russia and worldwide. The company was repeatedly awarded with professional awards, and channel’s reporters and leads hold high-ranking journalistic and governmental awards.