Aria of the Doomed

The series tells a striking tale about women’s lives in the Stalinist camps. The unfolding saga of human kindness and strong spirit facing the most unimaginable ordeal in the most inhumane conditions sometimes seems like a horror movie, but it is based on true events. The two main characters are Olga Pavlova, the wife of an aircraft designer, arrested as the spouse of the «Enemy of the State» and Sofia Ter-Ashaturova, a famous opera singer, detained following a denunciation. Fate brought them together in a convict train. The women fight to preserve their humanity, keep their will to live and they even find true love in the camp’s horrific conditions. Completely original and unique, this story will touch everyone’s heart.

Production year:
drama, history
Season 1 : 11 x 45’
soon on air
International rights:
Global Agency
Kinograd Film Company